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Water management and conservation
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Aquifer Depletion
The Ogallala Aquifer, spanning eight states,  is rapidly depleting. Over 90% of its water supports crops and livestock, making its conservation crucial for America's food security.
Land Subsidence
Subsidence is caused by compaction of aquifer sediments due to groundwater withdrawals. Most of the compaction that occurs as a result of groundwater withdrawals is irreversible.
Community Water
Many communities rely on groundwater sources for their daily needs. Aquifer depletion poses a dire challenge, leading to increased water procurement costs and potential shortages.
Groundwater Management
Users are often unaware of their production due to the lack of real-time monitoring and connectivity to water sources. Effective management and conservation require new technological solutions.

The Problem

With millions of groundwater wells around the world in danger of running dry, management of this precious resource is now more important than ever before.

The Solution

Resource Monitor enables remote water production measurement. No analog meters. No moving parts.

RM Meters use ultrasonic technology. Ultra cool.

Ultrasonic flow meters are inferential meters that use ultrasonic technology to measure the velocity of an acoustically conductive liquid moving through it. Simply put, we consistently and accurately measure water flow without any moving parts to fail or clog up.

Connect from anywhere. Really.

Using cellular connectivity via SMS text (so it works without cellular data), RM meters deliver flow info every 12 hours. The meter data is stored securely in the cloud for reference at any time. Meters last 10 years on one battery - say 'goodbye' to reading analog meters.

Reports, alerts, and alarms - oh my!

The RM App allows monitoring on almost any device, With email and text alerts and alarms, you can set notifications to ping you when over- or under-production occurs, including potential leakage or flood.

Compliance is key.

Sustainability agencies are now requiring users to measure and monitor how much water they are pulling from the aquifers. In some places, agencies go a step farther, requiring users to operate within an allocated annual volume.

The RM platform automates compliance reporting in just a few clicks. Reduce your overhead (and headaches), stay compliant, and let us handle the rest.
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Each meter lasts 10 years so you can rest easy knowing you'll always have the full picture of your production, any time, anywhere.
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We're keeping our eyes on new laws and regulations; we'll update the app accordingly. Have a new requirement we don't support? Send us a note.
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We're here to support you. Just give us a call or drop us a note and we'll get back to you in under 24 hours.

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more effective network monitoring
"We drill dozens of wells a year. Identifying wells that need maintenance used to take days and usually only were spotted after the issue affected a downstream customer. We'd have to spread our manpower to cover our wide network, and it was just so inefficient. Resource Monitor enables us to manage our entire network from a single platform. One alert saved our clients thousands of dollars in fines and lost revenue. We couldn't be happier!"

- Jason Flynt, CEO Barco Well Service
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