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A unified hardware and software platform that simplifies groundwater management. Anytime. Anywhere.

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We drill dozens of wells a year. Resource Monitor enables us to manage our entire network from a single platform. One alert saved our clients thousands of dollars. We install these on every job now.
Dylan Cyr
Barco Well Service

Managing water resources is harder than ever

Diminishing Water Supply

Aquifers are being drained at unsustainable rates. The Ogallala aquifer is expected to be 70% depleted within the next 50 years according to the Department of the Interior.

Soaring Costs

Inflation is increasing the cost of drilling new wells. Well maintenance is becoming more frequent as water levels drop and existing infrastructure fails and degrades.

Regulatory Compliance

Governments and agencies are rolling out new requirements daily. Keeping up with this fast-changing regulatory environment is a pain -- and expensive.

Water Waste

Wasted water increases costs and regulatory fines, and diminishes water supply. Wasted water also increases the likelihood of subsidence and other significant issues.

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We connect the world’s critical resources.

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Resource Monitor specializes in advanced groundwater management and waste prevention technology.

We offer real-time water production and consumption monitoring, custom alerts, budgeting, and detailed reporting.

Install our meter

Resource Monitor meters come fully kitted and ready to install. Any water servicer can follow our simple instructions. No cutting, threading, or re-drilling necessary.

Connect to the app

Installers scan a simple QR code on the meter, fill out a short form (we need to know where it is), and it's ready to go. Connecting the meter to the app is a breeze.

Set up your account

App users can create an account in a flash. Our simple flow gets you running in a few minutes. Or, if you already have an account, connect a new meter in seconds.

Remotely monitor

Data from a new meter is available in about six hours. You're now ready to save money, reduce water waste, and maintain compliance with just a few clicks.


Durable Hardware,
Dependable Data

Built for the field, designed for accuracy.

  • No mechanical parts. Meters have extremely low failure rates. Truly set-and-forget-able.
  • Data delivered via SMS. If you can send a text, you can use our meters. No cell data required.
  • 10-year battery. Meters run on high-efficiency batteries which can easily be replaced. No power, no problem.
Discover the Hardware

Intelligent Software,
Informed Strategies

Modern water management built for the next 100 years.

  • Alerts and alarms. Know when to take action to keep small issues small. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your water assets are working as intended.
  • Intuitive and useful. Save money, reduce waste, and spot important trends so you can operate more efficiently. One asset or 100 assets - we’ve got you covered with no training required.
  • Budget like a pro. Avoid costly fees and penalties by maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. Data is saved for the lifetime of your meter, so you can always access what you need.
Explore the Software
Comprehensive Dashboard

Gain a complete overview of your water usage across all your sites and assets using our web app that works on most devices.

Customizable Alerts

Set thresholds for usage, budgets, or other key metrics, and receive real-time alerts via email or SMS when these limits are approached or exceeded.

Leakage Identification

Identify leaks quickly and minimize water waste with our app's built-in leak detection feature.

Data Integration

Enhance your water management decisions by leveraging our app's integration with temperature and precipitation data, allowing you to understand how weather patterns impact your water usage and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Trend Analysis

Visualize and compare data across different periods, identify seasonal fluctuations, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your water management approach.

Cellular Connectivity

Our meters use cellular SMS, so no data coverage is needed. That means our meters work wherever you do, no matter how remote.

We support a variety of applications

Row Crops
Golf Courses
Row Crops
Golf Courses
Row Crops
Golf Courses
Places of Worship
Row Crops
Golf Courses
Row Crops
Golf Courses
Row Crops
Golf Courses
Row Crops
Golf Courses

Our client saw a -47% decrease in water usage

One client, a large church with ample green space, landscaping ponds, parks, and sports fields, saw a -47% decrease in water usage without negatively impacting their grounds.

"The simple ability to track our usage has allowed us to be smarter about when we water and how much. We were also able to use the precipitation alert to turn off our system when the grounds were receiving rain. And we use the monthly reports to maintain compliance with our groundwater compliance district. We love it!"

Jim Wineberger
Prestonwood Baptist Church


Water Use


Monthly Cost

How quick is the setup process?

The whole process takes less than a day. Resource Monitor meters come pre-kitted, so any well driller or servicer can easily install them like any other meter. Once installed, the servicer scans a QR code on the unit, fills out a few simple fields, and data starts flowing within 6 hours. End users can create a new account in the RM App to link to their meter from anywhere. Existing users can add as many meters to their account as they'd like.

Is the system user-friendly?

We put our customers first, in all things. We've designed our hardware and software experiences with you at the heart of our process. Each touchpoint is meant to be simple and intuitive. With so many daily demands, we know you're pressed for time and attention, so we try to keep it simple. If you're ever unsatisfied with your experience, please let us know by giving us a call at 1-888-589-5773 or simply drop us a note at

Will it work with my existing infrastructure?

Resource Monitor meters are designed to be placed in line with your existing water infrastructure. No cutting, threading, or re-tooling needed. Any well driller or servicer can install our meters and activate them on the network. Since our meters send data via SMS instead of cellular data (think 5G), you can rest assured knowing that no location is too remote for you to track.

How does this help with environmental conservation?

We firmly believe that it's impossible to manage what you cannot measure. We've seen many clients reduce their water waste without any adverse impact on their operations simply by being better informed of their water use. Other clients have spotted wasteful (and costly) leaks that dump thousands - and even millions - of gallons of water back into the ground. We've even helped some clients optimize their entire annual irrigation plan by overlaying water usage with annual weather and temperature patterns. The first step to conserving our most critical resources is by measuring the impact we're already having. Only then can we change our behaviors for the better.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

Our meters are competitively priced with other flow meters. A key difference is that our meters have no moving or mechanical parts and last 10 years, while the typical mechanical (turbine, vortex, etc.) meters only last about 3 years. Our meters also do not require an external power source as each meter operates on a 10-year battery. Hence, our estimated life is limited only by a replaceable battery. Simply swap out the drained battery for a new one and you can expect another 10 years of life.

Furthermore, most of our clients see average cost savings of 25% by optimizing water consumption, reducing compliance fees and penalties, and proactively maintaining their infrastructure before small issues turn into big, costly repairs. We find that our app more than pays for itself in the first year of operation.

What warranty do you offer?

Resource Monitor warrants the Product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within one (1) year after shipment from Resource Monitor. You can read about our full warranty offering at, or by clicking the "warranty" link at the bottom of the page.


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