We connect the world’s critical resources.

At Resource Monitor, our values guide our actions. We're committed to protecting our planet's resources through "commonsense conservation." It's impossible to conserve what cannot be measured, so we're using state-of-the-art technology to shine a light where none has been before.

Importantly, we don't believe that businesses need to choose between profits and doing what's best for the planet. We've seen firsthand how hundreds of companies have been able to do well (for themselves) and do good (for the planet) by being more actively engaged with their resource production and consumption. We help businesses cut costs, improve efficiency, increase profits, AND lessen their environmental impact. And we're just getting started.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Alex Kopco

Co-founder & CEO

Jason Flynt

Co-founder & President

Nakul Garg

Co-founder & CTO

Jordi Hays

Co-founder & Chairman

Dhruva Rajendra

Co-founder & Advisor

Our corporate values

We Take Care of People

We are unwaveringly committed to compassion, recognizing that kindness and support are invaluable yet cost us nothing to give. We prioritize the well-being of our team, customers, and community, ensuring that every decision reflects this fundamental value.

Integrity is at Our Core

Transparency, honesty, and trust are the pillars upon which our organization stands. We uphold these principles in every action and interaction, fostering an environment where integrity guides us toward the right decisions for our people, our customers, and our partners. We abide by the Netflix principle of "no brilliant jerks."

We Bring It Every Day

Our pursuit of excellence is relentless and characterized by a commitment to greatness in everything we do. We 'Get Stuff Done' with a focus on quality, effectiveness, and simplicity, pushing ourselves and each other to achieve outstanding results.

We Forge a Better Future

We are dedicated to innovation, understanding that our legacy lies in our ability to adapt, improve, and lead in our industry. Through creativity and a growth mindset, we strive to make meaningful contributions that ensure our relevance and leave a lasting impact.

We Are Continuous Learners (and Mad Scientists)

We believe in the power of learning and continuous improvement, not as a matter of convenience but as a strategic imperative. Efficiency and simplicity guide our pursuit of excellence, as we constantly seek ways to enhance our skills, processes, and solutions. We experiment frequently, fail regularly (you're not taking enough risks if you never fail), and learn always.


Our products


Our digital flow meters are designed to provide accurate, reliable water usage data in any environment. Our meters are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs, starting from 3/4" and going up to accommodate even the most demanding applications.

We offer two cutting-edge meter technologies: ultrasonic and electromagnetic. Our ultrasonic meters use advanced sound wave technology to precisely measure water flow without any moving parts, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. For applications with unique challenges, our electromagnetic meters provide an alternative solution that accurately measures water flow using electromagnetic fields, making them ideal for water with high levels of solids or other challenging characteristics.

No matter which technology you choose, you can trust Resource Monitor's digital flow meters to deliver the reliable, real-time data you need to effectively manage your water resources. With a 10-year battery life and rugged construction, our meters are built to provide years of worry-free operation in even the harshest conditions.


Resource Monitor's web-based application is designed to simplify water management and put the power of real-time data at your fingertips, on almost any device. Our app provides a centralized platform for monitoring and managing your water resources, whether you're overseeing a single site or multiple locations.

With our intuitive interface, you can easily access real-time water usage data, set budgets and allocations, and ensure you never exceed your allocations. The app also features customizable alerts and alarms, ensuring that you're always informed of any potential issues or abnormalities in your water usage patterns.

Generate detailed reports with just a few clicks, making it easy to comply with regulatory requirements and share insights with stakeholders. Our app also integrates seamlessly with our digital flow meters, providing a comprehensive water management solution that combines powerful hardware with user-friendly software. Access your data anytime, anywhere, and take control of your water management with Resource Monitor's intuitive app.