Resource Monitor Newsletter | It's Day One

Alex Kopco
April 9, 2024

Welcome to our inaugural Friends of Resource Monitor (RM) monthly update! I'm your author, Alex Kopco, CEO of Resource Monitor, and I'll use this format to keep you up-to-date on our company. Rather than provide you with a boring task list of statuses, I’m writing a newsletter. I'd love any feedback you have.

🌎 We’re on a mission to conserve the world’s most critical resources, beginning with water. We offer a unified hardware and software platform that simplifies groundwater production and management.

1. 🚀 One Big Thing: Dry Powder

We're nearing the finish line of our Seed-stage fundraise. We expect to close in February.

How we're using the funds:

- Upgrading our app to enterprise quality and building exciting new features. Our users love the simplicity and stability of our existing app. We'll keep that core to our approach in 2024.

- Hiring a Head of Hardware to accelerate our scale-up of meter sales. One of our three core priorities for 2024 is to scale manufacturing capacity to 20k+ meters per year.

- Testing a variety of go-to-market paths to better estimate their impact. We'll double down on what works and back-burner what doesn't.

Why it matters: One large church reduced water usage by 38%, saving enough water to provide for a family of four for 92 days.

2. 📱 Speaking of our app

We found our co-founder and CTO – Nakul Garg!

- Why it matters: Nakul officially starts February 5 and will be in charge of enhancing our application, improving security and functionality, and increasing our street cred (he's a dance 🎶 and fashion icon 🌟).

3. 👏 Without further ado

We emerged from stealth at the Texas Ground Water Association (TGWA) convention in Austin, TX. We met a diverse group of distributors, drillers, manufacturers, non-profits, publications, and more.

We also got our butts kicked in a friendly cornhole tournament (better luck next year).

- 🔮 Our big takeaway is that there are dozens of novel applications for remote meters, and these approaches vary further by state and region. We’ll continue seeking opportunities to expand our install base, gather feedback, and maximize our impact across many of these use cases.We'll attend more of these events in other states this year and look forward to deepening our industry relationships.

4. ⛳ One for the road

Did you know it takes approximately 150 million gallons of water to keep just one golf course green in the Southwest US? That provides enough water for 1,027 four-person homes for a year!